What is the Best Calculator for the SAT or ACT?

Posted by Nicholas L on October 1, 2019

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By Blaise P. Episode 10, Season 34 of NBC’s hit show Saturday Night Live was, without a doubt, the most glorious moment in television history. At least, it was for me. John Malkovich — known for his roles in Bird Box (a recent Netflix horror hit) and Warm Bodies (the only dystopian rom-com I’ve ever seen) — hosted, with rapper T.I. as the musical guest. But I didn’t care for Malkovich’s designer stubble or T.I.’s

What Should You Do the Night Before the SAT or ACT?

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Guest blog post by Pierre F. Think back to the classic cartoons, where an unlucky antagonist gets caught in an avalanche before plunging downhill as a colossal snowball accrues around him. It might be fitting to compare this hilarious moment to the stress that many students feel the night before their big test. Months of preparation coalesce into one giant snowball — a culmination that can seem overwhelming as many students, ever-conscious of the pressures

What is the PSAT?

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By David H. I love pronouncing acronyms as words. It completely derails any conversation. Environmental arguments tend to disintegrate once I reference the “Eepah” (the EPA). What about the remarkably fascinating air traffic zones run by the FAA, lesser known as the “fuh-AAH”? Try watching Narcos and replacing every reference to the DEA with the “Dee-ah.” Peña and Murphy might just seem a little less threatening. With such ingenious perversions of the English language, it

Back-to-School Goals

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Check out these first semester goals for 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grade. By Andrew W. I always loathed back-to-school shopping. The week before Labor Day each year, my siblings and I would trudge towards a nearby Staples as my mother prodded us onward like a cowboy herding cattle across the Great Plains. It was a painful reminder that summer, with its infinite freedom and thrilling adventures, was ending. School loomed in the distance, flashing
Guest post by Arthur R. The legend of Saint George describes George taking up arms against a wicked dragon that demanded human sacrifices. It’s a myth so potent that the entire country of England dedicated its flag to George’s victory. And whether or not this famed battle actually happened, “slaying the dragon” has become a familiar story in modern society. That image — the feeble yet gallant warrior, armed only with a flimsy lance and