ACT Classes

Classes run throughout the year and are timed around official dates of upcoming ACT exams. Curvebreakers offers a variety of class lengths from single event crash courses to bootcamps and full-length classes.

New for 2023: Full-length, diagnostic practice tests are now built into our ACT class schedules.

How it works: For classes that take place on Sundays, two Saturdays have been selected - one at the beginning of the course and another toward the end - for students to take full-length, diagnostic practice tests. If you cannot make one or both of these Saturday practice tests, you may reschedule with the office by calling (516) 728-1561.

For classes that take place on weekdays, practice tests have been incorporated into the regular class schedule.

All classes offer a minimum of 20 hours of instructional time, plus two practice tests. The first and seventh sessions will be dedicated for taking practice tests.

Look below to view a side-by-side comparison of our ACT classes to choose the one that best fits your needs.

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Multi-Week Classes

ACT Crash Courses