PSAT Classes

Curvebreakers offers affordable bootcamps or review courses each year around the October PSAT exams. The PSAT is great introduction to sitting for a full-length exam and seeing how you might perform on an SAT exam.

Please note: Students who may be able to qualify for a National Merit Scholarship might also benefit on private tutoring for the PSAT. To learn more about the PSAT, please read our article, “What is the PSAT?

Curvebreakers Main Office
320 Old Country Road, Suite 102
Garden City, NY 11530

October 10th, 2022

10:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Curvebreakers' PSAT bootcamps are the most efficient way to prepare for the PSAT. Scheduled to end just before the exam date, this bootcamp is perfect for students who need a last-minute review before the test. Instructors make sure students are provided with all the grammar rules, math formulas, and other content often found on the PSAT as well as the most essential and effective strategies that help students move more quickly through the exam. All course materials are included in the registration costs.