Test Prep Events for Lynbrook High School PTA

Upcoming Courses

These courses are fundraisers for the Lynbrook High School PTA. $10 of every course enrollment is donated to the PTA.

Self-Paced Online Video Courses

In these self-paced courses, get tips, tricks, and strategies to improve your score. Go beyond practicing exam questions, and learn how to correct your mistakes for good. The Lynbrook High School PTA receives 34% for every ACT and SAT Strategy Accelerator Course enrollment using this link.

ACT Strategy Accelerator Course

Course Includes:

  • 26 videos for a total of app. 5-1/2 hours run time
  • Course materials include 5 PDFs to download
  • Regular Price: $99

SAT Strategy Accelerator Course

  • Over 20 videos for a total of app. 5 hours run time
  • Course materials include 4 PDFs to download
  • Regular Price: $99
  • Course is Now Available!

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