FAQs about Test Prep & Tutoring with Curvebreakers

Can I speak to someone about your program?

Yes. Feel free to call the owner of Curvebreakers Nick LaPoma directly at (516)728-1561. He is happy to discuss your student and SAT/ACT prep in general. Also feel free to skip a step and schedule a consultation

Do you work with students with learning differences or testing accommodations?

Yes. Because our program is so individualized, we have great success. Our tutors are trained to focus on the individual student’s learning style and needs, so we are always prepared to instruct students no matter the situation.

Is the ACT easier? Do colleges prefer one test over the other?

This depends on the student. The ACT differs from the SAT in many ways. For example, you get much less time per question on the ACT than the SAT. We can help determine if your child is better at the SAT or ACT naturally through diagnostic testing and in person consultations. Colleges prefer the highest score possible, so it is important to find out which test aligns best with your skills. You do not need to submit scores from both tests to be accepted to college. Last year more students took the ACT than the SAT by a wide margin.

Should I take the SAT or the ACT?

This is a question that is better answered after taking a diagnostic exam. The list of diagnostic exams can be found here This decision is based on a variety of factors such as time management and natural ability in math, English, reading, and science. We are happy to discuss your individual student!

What are “office hours?”

With all of our classes we provide office hours, which are set times where the teacher of the class will be available to answer student questions, just like you would see in a college class. These hours are meant for students who want that continued individualization that is not found in other class programs. This private instruction is exactly what separates Curvebreakers from the rest. We never have and never will use cookie cutter programs to instruct our students.

What are the credentials of your tutors? Do you train them?

All of our tutors score in the 99th percentile on the SAT or ACT test to qualify for tutoring. We actually hold qualification exams in our offices where potential tutors come in and get graded. After qualifying in score, they must pass an interview process with the staff and owner, Nicholas LaPoma. Once the tutor qualifies and passes through the interview process, Nick then trains each tutor in a one-on-one setting until the tutor is ready to work with students. Many of the tutors have vast tutoring experience prior to joining Curvebreakers, but since Curvebreakers holds its staff to such a high standard, everyone is hand trained in our methodology. All of our tutors possess the skills and personality necessary to connect with your student and teach them what they need to know for success.

What programs do you offer?

We offer SAT/ACT prep in the form of one-on-one tutoring and small classes, Subject Matter Tutoring (high school class tutoring, AP exam tutoring, etc.) College Admissions Consulting, essay writing assistance, practice testing/diagnostic testing, and more. All of our programs can be found here: Shop

Why Curvebreakers?

Curvebreakers was founded by Nicholas LaPoma to provide students with the most individualized tutoring plans and classes possible. Our sole goal is higher scores for your student. All of our tutors are hand picked and trained by Nick himself, which is something you will not find elsewhere. All aspects of our programs from detailed diagnostic testing, individualized tutoring programs based on your skills, and “office hours” for our classes are geared towards instructing students in exactly what they need to learn to succeed.