Diagnostic Testing and Analysis

Diagnostic testing and analysis is one of the most important parts of SAT/ACT prep. The importance of an in person diagnostic exam is to allow students to be in a real-life exam setting with other students and a timer. This helps our students get used to the restrictions during an exam and get more comfortable with the section timing. Also, we have an extremely detailed 6 page report for the SAT and ACT. The detailed report will help us analyze our student’s strengths and weaknesses and help formulate a more pinpointed study program.

We offer a practice exam every weekend at our office. See our schedule here.

We have the most detailed diagnostic reports around–see for yourself!

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The experts at Curvebreakers will analyze your diagnostic results and formulate a plan of attack to tackle the SAT or ACT head on. This will not only help you get the best score possible, but it will also help you save time.