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In addition to providing services for students in the New York Metro Area, Curvebreakers helps families from coast to coast.

85% Referral Business

Our families love us! Most of our business comes from returning customers and referrals from customers, libraries, and school counselors.

Support System

We are a part of our students’ academic support systems and another resource available to students & parents to help navigate the school process.

"I set out to create a test preparation company that was different from the rest that didn't use the same cookie-cutter approach for all students. Our tutoring strategies are individualized around each student's goals and learning styles and are data-driven by test performance. The entire process is transparent with ongoing communication between the office staff, tutors, and myself. Thank you for considering Curvebreakers."

-Nicholas LaPoma
Curvebreakers Owner & Founder

Subject Tutoring With Curvebreakers


For students in grades 3 - 12

Receive tutoring in a board range of subjects, including (but not limited to) common core reading and math, high school NYS regents-level classes, and Advanced Placement (AP) subjects. All students start with Curvebreakers' own LEAP assessment, allowing us to better understand each student's needs and goals and to select a tutor who will bring out the best in each child.