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The biggest impact of the SAT changing will be on how students can effectively prepare. The old paper test will not be enough to help students practice for the new SAT. The dSAT has new questions that require different strategies. The new module timing will require students to adjust to different time constraints (minutes per question).

When you prep with Curvebreakers, you have access to an online platform with adaptive and diagnostic SAT practice tests that mimic the real exam plus a large question bank for plenty of additional practice.

Digital SAT Timeline

This a 2023-24 timeline with key dates pertaining to the SAT and Digital SAT


Parent Guide to the Digital SAT

A Parent’s Guide to the Digital SAT

Learn keywords and new terms that relate to the Digital SAT such as "linear," "adpative," "paper-and-pencil," "Bluebook," and more.

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The Linear SAT for the Digital SAT

What is a Diagnostic “Linear” SAT?

The College Board does not offer diagnostic score results for the four available adaptive practice tests in the Bluebook app. Students receive section scores, which questions were answered correctly and incorrectly, and answer explanations. This falls short of understanding why they got the questions wrong or discovering trends in their test performance by content or question type.

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Bluebook App to take the Digital SAT

The Bluebook App

Students need the College Board's Bluebook application installed on their devices in order to take the official exams and the company's practice tests. Learn about taking a practice exam and how it differs from taking an official exam.

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Taking an Official Exam on the Bluebook App
Taking Digital SAT Practice Tests on the Bluebook App

Compare the Digital SAT

Traditional SAT
Paper-and-Pencil Test

Digital SAT



Total test is 3 hours to answer 154 questions with 15 minutes of break time.

Total test is 2 hours 14 minutes to answer 98 questions with a
10-minute break between sections 1 and 2.

The total test takes 2 hours 55 minutes to answer 215 questions with 10 minutes of break time.


4 Sections: Reading, Writing,
Math (No calculator), Math
with calculator

2 Sections: Reading & Writing is Section 1 and Math is Section 2. Each section is made up of two modules.

4 sections (English, Math, Reading & Science), plus an optional essay.


Math is split into two sections;
one with calculator followed
by one without.

Math is one section. Students
may use the in-app graphing Desmos calculator during both math modules.

Math is one section and calculator is allowed for the full section.


Reading and
Writing/Language are their
own separate sections.

Reading, Writing & Language are now combined into the same section. Questions are mixed together randomly.

Reading and English are separate sections.


Full-length practice exams are
widely available; many are
free and directly available
from The College Board to

4 digital practice tests are available on the Bluebook app. Test preparation companies are developing their own tests to supplement the lack of available materials.

The ACT is a long-established exam and with many resources for preparation.

What Students Need to Take the Digital SAT

A personal or school-issued laptop or tablet. The device will be used for up to 3 hours. The College Board recommends bringing a charging cord. Read the device requirements for the Digital SAT.

Installation of the College Board's testing application, Bluebook, is required to take official exams. Download the application.

Each student must have an online College Board account. When the Bluebook app is launched, it requires a College Board login. Create your account here.

Preparing for the Digital SAT with Curvebreakers

Curvebreakers offers a variety of courses, private tutoring, and diagnostic testing for most standardized exams, including the digital SAT. Parents and students benefit from a data-driven and consultative approach. The goal is to create a program that takes into account each students' skill set, where improvements need to be made to increase scores, and their own goals for high school and college. The end result is a student who is a better test-taker with improved foundational skills to excel in the classroom, and has the option to apply to a variety of schools with a solid test score.

Classes for the Digital SAT

Because the current paper-and-pencil test is being offered through the fall of 2023, Curvebreakers is offering SAT classes for both the current SAT and the digital exam. Courses geared specifically for the digital PSAT/SAT will address strategies for new question types, taking the test on the digital application, and practice managing the new time constraints.

Students preparing for the digital SAT are welcome to join classes scheduled around paper-and-pencil SAT exams. There is a significant amount of instruction and strategy that will carry over to the digital SAT, especially in math. 

Registation is Open!
All classes take place at Curvebreakers' office in Garden City, located at 320 Old Country Road in Suite 102 unless otherwise noted.

Fall 2023 Course Offerings for the Digital SAT/PSAT:

PSAT 10-Hour Bootcamp (September)
PSAT 5-Hour Bootcamp on Columbus Day
Fall SAT Afternoon Class for the Digital Exam (October thru December)
10-Hour Bootcamp for the Digital SAT (December)

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Private Tutoring for the Digital SAT

Begin with a diagnostic practice test and a consultation with Curvebreakers' owner Nicholas LaPoma to developed a personalized plan to reach your goal score. It is recommended to start with a package of at least 20 hours. Students are encouraged to sit for a practice exam to gauge progress after meeting with a tutor for about five hours. For more information, please view the tutoring page for SAT test prep.

Private Tutoring