Free Events for Schools

ID-1Our first and most popular program is a fully timed and proctored SAT or ACT exam. Students can choose either the SAT or ACT during registration and both tests are administered at the same time. Our master tutor, Nick, then comes back within a week for a speech where the students get their scores back (with the full test, answer sheet, and answer key). He explains what scores mean, and how students can analyze whether they should be focusing on the SAT or ACT. Each report comes with customized comments, personally written by Nick.

The speech is purely informative and many libraries have commended his service, especially since there are no agendas or sales tactics involved. Nick spends a majority of the time answering questions from the audience of parents and students.

The other program we do is a “Differences between the SAT/ACT” speech. Master tutor Nick guides parents on the process, explaining the differences between the two tests to students.

Curvebreakers offers numerous free events for schools/communities

1. Free practice test – Curvebreakers will come to your school and administer a free practice test with detailed diagnostic reports for every student. Nick LaPoma, owner of Curvebreakers, will come to the school at a follow up session to discuss the results and explain to parents how to analyze and interpret the scores, and how to improve. This program can also be run as a fundraiser, with all proceeds going to your school or group.

2. SAT/ACT speech – Nick LaPoma, owner of curvebreakers, will come to your school or organization to discuss any SAT/ACT topic you choose. Nick has given over 30 SAT/ACT speeches in the past year, ranging from how to prepare, to explaining the detailed differences between the exams. Nick is always happy to field questions from parents or members of the community at the end of the event.

3. “Office hours” at your school. Curvebreakers will send one of our exceptional tutors to your school for the day to meet with students or parents and discuss test prep strategies and the exams in general.

If you want to speak to a professional before you make a decision, feel free to coming in for a free consultation or give us a call!