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A New Approach to Deconstruct & Destroy the ACT
Conquer the ACT with Curvebreakers


The purpose of this book is to explain detailed, powerful, and precise ACT strategy. After reading this book, you will have a comprehensive understanding of:

  • What the ACT consists of
  • What makes it extremely beatable
  • What the scoring and scaling structure is
  • The necessary foundational skills needed to succeed
  • How you should approach each question type
  • How to become a “natural born test taker”
  • How to utilize the tricks and traps on the test to your advantage
  • How to take a totally different perspective on testing that will increase your score on all standardized tests
  • Various test taking strategies that differ based on your unique learning style
  • And much more.

About the Book

Most would agree that the ACT is difficult. However, it is extremely approachable and beatable – with the correct strategy and approach.
Many tutors and test prep companies talk about secrets, tricks, strategies, and the like. Most of this talk is industry jargon rather than actionable improvement techniques. We have taken these concepts one step further by analyzing student performance with thousands of data points to compile not only the best possible strategies but the best possible prep plan based on data and real student results.

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Coming Soon: An SAT version of this strategy book to conquer the SAT with Curvebreakers!