College Application Essay Services

The Common App essay and other supplemental essays are more important than ever before as colleges look to learn about an applicant's personal values and life experiences in addition to their academic achievements. 

How Curvebreakers' College Essay Services are Different

We believe that college essays can make or break the success of your application. We work with every student until we discover a unique quality or experiece the student has had and help them develop that into an authentic college essay. There is no ghost-writing here; all students are required to put pen to paper.

Essay Topic Review & Approval

Regardless of which tutor is helping you with your essay, whether it's in private sessions or in a group workshop, the owner of Curvebreakers, Nicholas LaPoma, will review and approve every student's essay topic. This is incredibly important because there are common pitfalls students fall into when selecting and crafting their topics. If Nick doesn't immediately approve your topic, you will be invited to have a discussion to work through some of the issues he foresees in how the messaging may come across to an admissions officer.

Our goal is for your student to start writing with the perfect  essay topic, avoid the stress of last-minute rewrites, and feel confident in your college applications.


Below are some of the colleges and universities where our students have received acceptances.

College Essay Writing Workshop

8-day, group workshops held over the summer to help students complete their common app essay with a Curvebreakers-approved topic.


July - August Workshop:
7/24, 7/25, 7/26, 7/27, 7/31, 8/1, 8/2, 8/3

Time: 10am - 12pm

Location: Garden City.Office
320 Old Country Road, Suite 102
Garden City, NY 11530


Admissions officers are placing more importance on students' college essays as they look past test scores to understand more about the personality and values held by potential students.

Curvebreakers' college essay writing course for provides students with an 8-day course over two weeks that leads them through brainstorming, topic development, outlining & drafting, and editing and revising.

After completing this course, each student will:

  • Have a completed, finalized common app essay with an approved topic by the owner of Curvebreakers, Nicholas LaPoma.
  • Understand what admissions officers are looking for which can be applied to all aspects of college application.
  • Know how to approach the supplemental essay prompts such as the commonly used "Why Us?" prompt and difficult prompts about social issues.

Course Format:

1) Getting Started & Topic Selection

2) Outlining & Crafting the Essay

3) Editing & Proofreading

4) Supplemental Essays

1-to-1 Private Essay Support Sessions

Receive individualized attention and support as you write all of your common app and supplemental essays. A tutor will help you brainstorm to select topics and outline your essays. We recommend at least five hours to develop your common app essay, and additional hours can be added on for extra time or help with supplemental essays.

Personal Statement Essay Help (5 Hours)

The team at Curvebreakers is here to help you write your college essays. Whether you're struggling to pick a topic or are already writing a second draft, we have options that are guaranteed to fit your unique needs. At Curvebreakers, we want students to leave with a finished product that shows colleges part of their personality that doesn't get conveyed through their resume or transcript.

Your student will write their essay with the guidance of one of our expert tutors. Tutors can help students brainstorm, craft, and edit their papers. They'll never ghost-write an essay; it is up to the student to put pen to paper and tell their story.

This package includes 5 hours with an associate or pro tutor or with the owner Nicholas LaPoma. Please note that spots with Brittany Verlezza and Nicholas are very limited. If your personal essay is not completed within that time, additional hours may be added. By-the-hour essay sessions are only available to customers who've purchased a college essay package.

Many competitive colleges and programs ask for additional essays called supplemental essays as part of their complete applications. Supplemental essay prompts cover a range of topics from the well-known "Why [Insert College Here]" to very pointed prompts asking students to address topics relating social injustices. The word count can also range from a paragraph to a full, two-page essay.

Curvebreakers can help you tackle these challenging, supplemental essays, saving you from unnecessary stress and helping you develop an effective essay.

Below are our recommendations for which package to choose depending on the number of essays you need to compete:

  • 5-Hour Supplemental Essay Package: For up to 5 supplemental essays
  • 10-Hour Supplemental Essay Package: For up to 10 supplemental essays
  • 15-Hour Supplemental Essay Package: For up to 15 supplemental essays

The tutor levels - Associate, Pro, and Owner Nick LaPoma - give different pricing options for families. Please note: Pro tutor Brittany Verlezza and the owner Nick LaPoma have limited spots for essay help.

Attention Class of 2023: book early to reserve a spot in Nick and Brittany's summer / fall 2022 calendars.

How Much Supplemental Writing Will You Need to Do?

Lehigh University

    • (1) 150 word response: required 
    • (1) 300 word response: required
    • (1) 200 word response: required

Fordham University

    • (1) 150 word response: optional

University of Richmond

    • (1) 350-650 word response: required

University of Michigan

    • (1) 300 word response: required
    • (1) 550 word response: required

Wake Forest University

    • (1) 150 word response: required
    • (2) 150 word responses: optional
    • (2) list completions: optional

Villanova University

    • (1) 150 word response: required
    • (1) 250-300 word response: required

Northwestern University

    • (1) 300 word response: strongly recommended

Cornell University - No supplemental essays required

University of Virginia

    • (1) 250 word response: required

Boston College

    • (1) 400 word response: required

Providence College

    • (1) 250-500 word response: optional

Clemson University - No supplemental essays required

Elon University

    • (1) 250 word response: required
    • (3) 30 word short responses: required

University of Chicago

    • (2) 1-2 page responses: required

Boston University

    • (1) 250 word response: required

New York University

    • (1) 400 word response: required

University of Notre Dame

    • (2) 200 word responses: required

Johns Hopkins

    • (1) 300-400 word response: required

Dartmouth College

  • (1) 100 word response: required
  • (1) 250-300 word response: required

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