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Curvebreakers offers flexible and customizeable options for schools to add or improve their supplemental instruction for college-bound students.

  • Live SAT & ACT Instruction with customizable course options
  • Pre-recorded SAT & ACT video strategy courses
  • SAT & ACT books
  • Live College Essay Writing Course

Our Approach: Diagnostics and Courses that Focus on Results

The key to any standardized test preparation is focus; students and parents want a program that will provide the right level of value for the time invested. Curvebreakers is always up-to-date on the newest changes to the test, skills required to do well, and teaching methodologies that simply work. Our unique, diagnostic score reports identify patterns and trends within each section of the test and for each question type. We get to the root of why questions are missed to help students focus on problem areas. Whether it's offered to all applicable students or incorporated into a class schedule, diagnostic practice tests are an essential part of preparing for the SAT & ACT.

“Working with Curvebreakers so far has been easy, seamless and pleasant. The lines of communication are strong and they are always looking to accommodate our school.”

— Peter Bosco, Guidance Counselor at St. Francis Prep

"One student even told us that the class helped him with test-taking skills that he rolled over into his History class and other exams. The instructor taught him the best strategies in reading a word passage or paragraph and then answering questions."

— Guidance Counselor at Hebrew Academy of Nassau County

What You Get From a Partnership With Curvebreakers

We design customized and affordable programs to fit schools' needs. For each school, we build out a program that complements the school’s budget and intensity of instruction. Whether the program includes multi-week classes, our online courses, or just our concise bootcamps for each exam, we are flexible to meet the needs of each school.

We provide the highest quality instructors that have all scored in the 99th percentile on college entrance exams. This is important to us because our instructors must be able to help students at all levels improve their scores. Each instructor is trained by our owner and staff in our methodologies and is background checked to ensure the safety of your students.

Diagnostic reports to benchmark starting points and gauge progress. Students who take our SAT and ACT practice exams will each receive their own, personalized analysis of how they performed on the test. The diagnostic analysis breaks down test performance by section and also examines how the student did for each question type, offering specific insight into what content areas and test-taking strategies to focus on.


Regular check-ins with our school partners to hear about their successes and to proactively provide solutions to any challenges. 


Marketing support in the form of fliers, QR codes, posts for social media, and email campaigns schools can use to inform students and their parents.


Student feedback is collected at the end of every live course, and we update the school on the engagement stats of their online course enrollments.

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