Our partnerships are important to us. We strive to make high-quality exam preparation accessible to more students and support those who advocate for better education in our community. Parent Universities, career days for students, and library informational events are just some of the ways we reach out to families across New York City and Long Island. Whether it’s a class, practice test, bootcamp, or community fundraising event or school sponsorship, we’re happy to help schools, libraries, and community organizations carry out their missions.

What Does a Partnership Look Like in 2020?

While many of us recognize that online education for teenagers and young children is not ideal, we know that it’s currently the safest option during the pandemic. Moving services online allows us to include all students who would like to participate without having to exclude anyone due to in-person, social distancing requirements.

Curvebreakers is able to offer practice exams, courses, and informational events for schools and libraries online. We’ve been successfully running online classes since the first day that schools closed and have been holding online, live proctored practice exams since May.

Curverbeakers events and courses for its partners provide the same level of quality and attention they always have – now with the added option of being online.

Online Options for Partners

Practice SAT and ACT Exams
Live, proctored practice exams for the SAT and/or ACT online via Zoom.

  • Practice exam materials can be printed and picked up or dropped off at your organization (local partners only) or shipped if you are not located in Nassau County, NY (shipping fee applies and varies depending on the number of students participating in the exam). The partner then has the responsibility of distributing the exam materials to the students. Or, we can email students a google link where they can retrieve the exam one day before the practice exam date.
  • A live proctor will provide instructions and lead your students through the timed sections of the exam via Zoom.
  • Students can scan or take pictures of their cover sheets and scantrons and email them to us for grading.
  • The diagnostic reports will be emailed back within 5 business days.

Classes, Crash Courses & Bootcamps
Curvebreakers can provide a wide variety of online courses to give students and their families different pricing options.

  • Classes: Common class lengths are 16-hour, 18-hour, and 20-hour courses that meet over several weeks for two hours each time. The total length of the class can be adjusted to meet the needs of your patrons or students.
  • Crash Courses: Usually scheduled close to an official exam date, each Crash Course meets once for 2.5 hours to review essential content and strategies.
  • Bootcamps: This fast-paced course is a perfect middle option between a full course and crash course. Bootcamps are typically 10-hour courses that meet five times (two-hour sessions).

Informational Events
Whether it’s a virtual Parent University or an informational session to keep families up to date, the owner, Nicholas LaPoma, can host a Zoom Webinar for your organization.

We also want to stress that Curvebreakers works with schools, and we do not undermine the work of counselors and teachers. We want to be a part of your students’ support system to give them the tools they need to put the best version of themselves forward when they apply to colleges.

Benefits & Features of Curvebreakers Courses and Practice Exams for Partners:

  • Course materials are included in registration or event costs.
  • Instructors are background-checked and rigorously trained according to Curvebreakers standards.
  • Class curriculum is centered around demonstrating to students proven testing strategies. In other words, the instructor is actively teaching throughout most of each session.
  • Curvebreakers manages registration on its website so schools and partner organizations don’t have to. If your organization needs to manage registration, that’s fine too.
  • The instructor takes attendance at each session, which is shared with the partner.
  • Class notes and homework assignments can be shared with students and parents via email after each session.