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The ACT is the leading US college admissions test that measures what you learn in high school to determine your academic readiness for college. The ACT contains multiple-choice tests in four areas: English, math, reading and science. ACT’s writing test is optional and will not affect your composite score.

Families and students have many choices when it comes to how they want to prepare for the ACT and if they want to prepare at all. Many aspects of a student's college application are optional: sports, clubs, awards, volunteer activities, etc. The same can be said about including an ACT score. Being able to submit a score when it improves a student's application is what is most important.

With Curvebreakers, students and families have a support system. Before selecting a package, parents and their child are invited to sit with the owner, Nicholas LaPoma, to discuss any academic strengths and weaknesses and goals for college. Curvebreakers' knowledgeable staff can help answer questions along the way and coordinate with the tutor to ensure the student is on track to reach his or her goals.

Diagnostic Testing

Use data and diagnostics to benchmark starting points and gauge progress

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Consultative Process

Discuss strengths, weaknesses, and goals with the owner and develop a personalized plan

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Effective Program

Strengthen foundational and test-taking skills to reach a goal score

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Getting Started

One of the most frequently asked questions parents have about preparing for the ACT is how to begin the test prep process. Whether a student chooses self-preparation or to prepare in a class or privately with a tutor, it is important to begin with a full-length diagnostic ACT practice exam.

A full-length, diagnostic ACT practice test gives students a baseline or starting point, and the diagnostic analysis helps guide their preparation by showing which question types they struggled with the most and if they need to work on time management.

Students are invited to take one free ACT practice test at Curvebreakers to gauge their starting point or help decide between preparing for the SAT and ACT. Students receive their scores along with a detailed analysis of their test performance.

ACT Practice Exam with Diagnostic Score Report

Take a Proctored, Full-Length ACT Practice Exam with Curvebreakers for Free!

Students who are new to Curvebreakers may take their first ACT practice exam at no cost. Scores will be emailed 1-2 business days following the date of your practice exam.

For unlimited access to practice exams, purchase a test prep tutoring package of 10 hours or more. Join an ACT class and receive two more practice tests as part of the class registration.

The Diagnostic Score Analysis is a crucial part of the improvement process at Curvebreakers, which is why all students with private tutoring packages receive unlimited diagnostic practice exams at no extra cost.

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When is the best time to start the process?

The summer between sophomore and junior year is a great time to sit for the diagnostic ACT (and SAT) practice exams and schedule a consultation to a develop a personalized plan. Some juniors aim to complete their test preparation in the fall, while others start in early spring or even wait until the summer going into their senior year. Students should plan on taking at least 2-3 official ACT exams, and when to do that depends on when the student is able to focus on doing well. Sports, extracurriculars, and other exams can take away a student's ability to dedicate enough time to preparing for the ACT. Find a time in the year to prepare when distractions are minimal.
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ACT Tutoring Packages

Private tutoring packages for the ACT exam are available in increments of 10 hours. Pricing is tiered based on three different tutor levels: Associate, Pro, and with the owner, Nicholas LaPoma. Once a package is purchased, the student is locked into that package rate, allowing them to add on additional hours as needed without having to pay the higher by-the-hour rate.

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What are the differences between Associate and Pro Tutors?

Pro ACT Tutors have at least five years of experience successfully preparing students for the SAT and ACT as well as previous experience working for other tutoring companies, giving them the opportunity of working with students at all skill levels.

Associate ACT Tutors may be new to tutoring, have some tutoring experience, or have demonstrated expert knowledge of the exam and their ability to connect with students. Our Associate tutors range from full-time teachers to grad students.

All tutors have been trained thoroughly on Curvebreakers' methodologies, have been background-checked, and scored in the 99th-percentile on the SAT / ACT exams.

Which package is right for you / how many hours will you need?

Most students will sit for at least two to three official ACT exams. For families who are unsure about which package to select, we recommend registering for 2-3 exams with the ACT first. Once you know which exams you will be taking, you can schedule your tutoring sessions around those exams.

Many students do well with starting 8-10 weeks before their first test and continue tutoring in between the remaining scheduled tests. This second part is important. It is ok to take a small break after sitting for an official exam, but when students take too large of a break after an exam, it can set back their rate of improvement.

For these reasons, we typically recommend at least a 20-hour package. It offers family a better hourly rate than the 10-hour package, and any leftover hours can be transferred to another sibling or service, including college essays. There is no one-size-fits-all approach; every student has a different starting point and end goal. Please schedule a consultation with the owner if you would like guidance on which approach to take.

ACT Test Prep: 6 Steps to Success

Are you new to the test prep process? This guide will take you through the major steps and help you create a plan to reach your target score.


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What are the average score increases of Curvebreakers’ students on the ACT?

Based on real student score data from the 2021-22 school year.

About The Exam

Section# of QuestionsTime AllowedExtended Time
English7545 min68 min
Math6060 min90 min
Reading4035 min53 min
Science4035 min53 min
Optional Essay: 40 minutes

Tips to Improve Your Score

Tip #1: Take as many practice tests as you can! Curvebreakers offers practice tests every weekend.
Tip #2: Take more than one official ACT exam to accumulate the highest possible ACT Superscore.