Take a Live, Proctored Practice Exam with Curvebreakers

☆ In Person at Our Office or Online via Zoom
☆ In a Group Setting or in a Private 1-to-1 Setting
☆ Curvebreakers only uses real, full-length exams

Each Student is Provided With

  • A full-length practice exam & bubble sheet
  • Real test-day instructions from a live proctor
  • Timed sections with a timed break between sections 2 & 3
  • Cumulative score within 2 business days
  • Option to purchase Diagnostic Score Analysis

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New to Curvebreakers?
Students beginning their test preparation for standardized tests are allowed to take 2 FREE group practice tests and will receive their cumulative scores. Simply choose the “New to Curvebreakers” option before adding the exam date to your cart.

+ You still have the option to add on the Diagnostic Score Analysis ($65 each) to get an in-depth look at your entire test performance, which can be used to build a personalized test prep strategy! Choose “I want the diagnostic score analysis” before adding the exam date to your cart.

Want to take MORE FREE practice exams?
You can! Here are two ways:

  1. Purchase a tutoring package of 10 hours or more and receive unlimited diagnostic practice exams
  2. Register for a class and get 2 MORE FREE diagnostic practice tests.

When Practice Exams are Offered and How to Register

Exam Type Virtual Group Exam
Online via Zoom
(space is limited)
Privately Proctored
(online or in-office)
SAT Saturdays at 12pm EST Saturdays & Sundays Yes
ACT Sundays at 12pm EST Saturdays & Sundays Yes
PSAT Saturdays & Sundays Yes
SHSAT Saturdays & Sundays Yes
CHSEE / TACHS Saturdays & Sundays Yes
How to Schedule: Schedule Online Call 516-728-1561 to Schedule Purchase Test Online
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