About Us

Curvebreakers Leads to SuccessCurvebreakers Test Prep is a tutoring company located on Long Island with offices in Garden City & Great Neck. We provide a unique and intensive program for standardized test prep, including the SAT, ACT, PSAT, SHSAT, SSAT, CHSEE, and TACHS. Subject tutoring is also offered to children in grades 3-12, helping students prepare for Regents exams, Advanced Placement (AP) exams, homework, essays, reading comprehension, and other school tests.

Curvebreakers’ method provides customized curricula that enhances strengths and target areas where students can see great improvement. We teach all students the important fundamentals, test-taking strategies, and study habits that will carry them through college. Most importantly, Curvebreakers provides an adaptable student focused approach, instead of the more rigid course focused approach of other test prep companies. Curvebreakers tutors strive to foster an enjoyable atmosphere for learning and success on any test or subject matter. Students can meet with tutors in our offices or at their homes. Online, virtual tutoring is also available for students who do not live near our offices.

Test Prep: Our Process

We first analyze student performance through diagnostic testing and a consultation process (Free) to make sure the tutoring is useful from the first session. We then come up with a plan of study based on your individual goals. When we first meet with a student we lay the groundwork with test prep strategies, then engage the student’s mind with various types of practice. We assess any content gaps and fill them. Finally, the student engages in timed practice exams in order to work on timing, endurance, and to help solidify what we teach. These practice exams are then analyzed to continue to tweak the program. We constantly have the student headed in the right direction, which boosts confidence and empowers students to learn more. All of our tutors are rigorously tested and individually trained in our exciting test prep methods. This is how we continue to achieve the highest level of individualization in our programs.

Owner, Nicholas LaPoma’s Story

“When I was applying to law school, I was told by a college guidance counselor that it was basically impossible to improve my LSAT score (Law School Admissions Test) further after taking a course with a large test prep company. Instead of getting discouraged, I used this as motivation. I studied like my life depended on it, sought out a boutique company for test prep, and improved my score drastically. I also mastered my law school applications and wrote a stellar essay.

Schools that I should have been rejected to with my earlier score were offering me scholarships of $20,000, $30,000 per year. But I was not satisfied, because I knew I could get more. The year was 2008 and we were in the middle of a financial crisis. I did not want loans! So I leveraged my way to full rides at all of the schools I was interested in. In total, I received upwards of $500,000 in scholarship dollars. This experience was how I came up with the idea for Curvebreakers Test Prep. I wanted to formulate a company that provided top notch test prep, but also provided the college admissions consulting knowledge at an expert level for students who wanted to put together the perfect application, like I did, and many of our students now do.”

If you want to speak to a professional before you make a decision, give us a call at (516) 728-1561 to come in for a free consultation.