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For free lessons and office hours with the owner, Nicholas LaPoma,  follow 'Nick The Tutor' on Twitch.

Students can join Nick The Tutor live to get answers to their SAT, ACT, and school-related questions in real time.  

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Free SAT & ACT Strategy Books with Kindle Unlimited 

Many tutors and test prep companies talk about secrets, tricks, strategies, and the like. Most of this talk is industry jargon rather than actionable improvement techniques. We have taken these concepts one step further by analyzing student performance with thousands of data points to compile not only the best possible strategies but the best possible prep plan based on data and real student results.

The 2021 AP Study Guides are Available Now!

Curated for the May 2021 AP Exams, these guides are a thorough review of the essential content for 17 different AP courses.

Please Note: The 2020 May AP Exams had a special format due to the pandemic and only tested students on a portion of the curriculum. Last year's free study guides reflected that unique testing format and do not fully prepare students for this year's AP exams. That is why we updated our study guides, which are available to purchase now.

Supplements are available for US History, Calculus BC, Calculus AB, Biology, Chemistry, English Language, English Lit, European History, Government and Politics, Human Geography, Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Physics 1 & 2, Psychology, Statistics, and World History.

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You don't have to be tutoring with Curvebreakers to get your 2 Free Practice Tests!

All students are encouraged to take practice tests to start their preparation and again throughout their studying.

Not sure which exam is best suited to your strengths? Take a practice SAT and a practice ACT exam for free with Curvebreakers and get our detailed diagnostic score reports that break down your test performance. 

Students not located near our office in Garden City, NY can take tests via Zoom with a virtual proctor. Live, proctored practice exams are offered every weekend. Students are provided with all testing materials and instructions how to submit their answers for grading. Then, diagnostic reports are emailed to students within 2-3 business days. Want a consultation to discuss your results? We'll be happy to schedule that for you.

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Time Yourself on a Full-Length SAT & ACT

Want to practice a full-length test but don't want to have to figure out the timers, alarms, and hassle? Check out these exam timer videos from a proctor who gives you real test day instructions. Only want to practice specific sections? You can do that, too.

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