By J.K. Halsted I vividly remember my graduation. No, not my high school graduation. I’m clearly referring to a far more prestigious academic achievement: the time-honored convocation that is the fifth grade graduation. I paraded through the hallowed halls of a 2-5 elementary school that looked like any other elementary school in a fifty-mile radius — probably brick, built during the Cold War, with one or two floors that sprawled around a campus way too

My ACT Score Dropped: Is this Normal?

Posted by Nicholas L on July 17, 2019

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Post by Brittany V. Generally speaking, it’s not that uncommon to see a decrease in your composite ACT score, assuming that the drop is not substantial (4 or more points). Several factors can contribute to a lower composite score on a retest, but there are steps that you can take as a student to help avoid a drop in your score. What are the odds? According to a study released by the ACT in 2016,
Guest blog post by J.K. Halsted I’d like to propose an experiment. Bring a representative from each college to the Museum of Modern Art and sit them in front of Jackson Pollock’s One: Number 31 (1950). Readers dabbling in art history might recognize Pollock as one of the premier abstract expressionists, and One: Number 31 as the quintessential example of how indecipherable modern art can be. Here’s an example of something you might find inside
Post by Emily Rothenberg Getting ready to go off to college or are preparing to send your first child to college? Here is a simple list for you of 15 things to bring to college that you may not have thought of yet. Some of these items may already be on your college shopping list, but others – you may have never guessed! 1. Weather Resistant Clothing Invest in a warm snow jacket and warm
Guest blog post by J.K. Halsted It’s a feeling that every high school student dreads: opening the results of your SAT or ACT and not seeing the perfect score you wanted. Whether that goal was a 1500 or a 1250, there’s an inevitable swell of disappointment, insecurity, and worry. Your mind somehow conjures up the harrowing image of your college dreams washing away. Don’t worry. Silence your neural inquisitor. You will be okay. Taking standardized