In Office Practice Exams

Curvebreakers offers practice exams at the office in Garden City on Saturdays and Sundays as well as school holidays when the office is open.

All students must register in advance for practice exams. We cannot accommodate walk-ins.

Practice Tests Offered:

  • SAT
  • Digital, adaptive SAT
  • ACT
  • TACHS*
  • AP Exams*
  • Regents Exams*
  • LSAT*
  • SSAT

*Score reports for these exams are not diagnostic. Students and parents will receive section and cumulative scores.

Free Practice Tests for SAT and ACT prep:

All students are welcome to sit for one practice SAT and one practice ACT. A student's one SAT exam includes one of the following exam formats: a PSAT, a paper SAT, or digital SAT. Taking both an SAT and ACT allows students to determine which test they are better at and guide their preparation. Students wishing to sit for a second SAT or ACT will be required to pay $65, and their registration is not confirmed until payment is received.

How To Register:

Book online (for free) or call the office at (516) 728-1561 and provide the student’s name, the test they wish to take, and an email address we can send the scores to. A practice exam fee of $65 may apply if you have already taken your two free tests and are not a class or private tutoring student with a package.

In-Office Schedule:

Saturdays: 9 AM* and 1 PM
Sundays: 9 AM*
*Students with extended time can sit for the 9 AM practice exams.

What To Bring:

1. Pencils
2. Scientific or graphing calculator
3. Water
4. Students sitting for extended time may bring food as needed

Receiving scores / diagnostic score reports:

Students and parents will receive an email with their diagnostic score report within 1-2 business days of their practice exam. Please call the office at (516) 728-1561 after your exam to book a consultation to review your score reports.

Register for a Practice Test