George W. Hewlett High School

Curvebreakers is proud to partner with George W. Hewlett High School to offer students strategy-focused SAT and ACT Classes.


In addition to classes offered to students at George W. Hewlett High School, students receive 10% off on all private tutoring rates. Please call 516-728-1561 for more information.

Upcoming Classes Schedule for Hewlett High School

Benefits for students at George W. Hewlett High Schools who enroll in a Curvebreakers class include:

  • Course materials included in their registration fee
  • Access to Curvebreakers best strategies to increase scores on the ACT and SAT.
  • An engaged instructor who won't waste students' time by only reviewing practice questions.
  • Class focused on strategies proven to have the most impact on a student's test score.

Curvebreakers provides customized curricula that enhances each student's strengths and improves target areas. We teach all students the important fundamentals, test-taking strategies, and study habits that will carry them through college. Most importantly, Curvebreakers provides an adaptable student-focused approach, instead of the more rigid course focused approach of other test prep companies. Curvebreakers strives to foster an enjoyable atmosphere for learning and success on any test or school subject. Read testimonials from families and students on Long Island. 

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