What to Do When Placed on the Dreaded College Waitlist?

We all wish to get college level education from one of the best institutes to propel our career to greater horizons. For that, we don’t hesitate to strive hard and leave no stone unturned to get enrolled. On this journey called education, we come across many obstacles, and we try our best to overcome them.
But once in a while, we come across a gap that makes us feel our dreams taking a nosedive right in front of us. After doing everything right, we hope to hear a “yes” from the college we dreamed of going to, and also prepare ourselves to embrace an out and out “no”. But what about the fine line between the two, the gray area, what about the “maybe”? Yes, we are talking about the Waitlist.
Waitlist is a dreaded area which can put students and their families through emotional torture that is really hard to deal with. On one side, you have some of the “safe choices” where you (or your kid) can go to study. On the other hand, there is your dream college, the one that has put you on hold.
This is where the road bifurcates for you, and you need to take one road, and that will define your future. And you feel all you can do is waiting for a few months and see what your dream college will inform you. Choosing between your dream and the safe bet puts you on a spot often known as the college decision limbo.
So now the question comes, how to deal with this limbo, what to do when your (or your kid’s) career is in question? Read along to get to the answers…

1. Take Time To Process The News

Although waitlist is nowhere close to what we call an acceptance, please do understand that it’s not a straightaway rejection either. The news of being put on waitlist brings disappointment along with it. And it’s ok for you, and your child to feel disappointed. Give yourself time to feel disappointment. Once you have accepted the reality, it’s time for you to start thinking about what you really want.

2. Give It One Final Shot

But make sure you do it whole heartedly. We have seen times and again that things that we do half heartedly will only fetch you half results, which can’t be termed good, not even in remote sense. If you decide to go with the waitlist, you must, rather, you have to follow all the instructions given to you by the college to claim the spot. When you are so passionate to follow your dream, you need to do what needs to be done.
But don’t overdo things, and don’t do any of these”
• Making the case in person until or unless asked to.
• Emailing anything if college waitlist procedure dictates you can’t send anything via email
• Be pushy
• Repeating any information that you’ve already mentioned in the original application

3. Have A Backup Plan By The First Of May

You should not wait for the last date to get the answer from your dream college. What if it turns out to be a “no”, what will you do then? Don’t let your dreams get better of you. Getting rejected without a backup plan is worse than getting rejected. Got out point?
Yes, you won’t get the refund, but it surely gives a sense of security knowing that you will get your education, which is nice.
Above all make sure you make the most of what’s left of your high school life. Lighten up, and have some fun.

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