6 Steps for Earning Scholarships Based on Test Scores

Have you taken your ACT or SAT yet? Have your guidance counselors been pestering you about the importance of those scores? Well, they’re right. Your scores can land you some sweet scholarships based if you are ready to put in some coffee-fueled, sugar-crammed, study hours.With these tips, you may just be able to test your way to some large-summed scholarships.

#1 Study

This is generally a given for any type of test. To do well you should study at least a little bit. With tests changing every year and the exam creators seeking to find new concepts to challenge students with, knowing how to apply your knowledge to different problems is essential. Most would say studying is the key to success and this is certainly the easiest way to help yourself score high.

#2 Do your college research

Different colleges have different standards when it comes to scores on different test types. Researching your colleges will help you determine the minimum scores you need to be accepted there. If you score higher, which we hope you do, colleges often offer scholarships and occasionally even full rides. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to go to college without having to worry about student loans?

#3 Take some practice tests

Practice tests will give you an idea of what to expect. While there may be different concepts on the actual exam, at least you have a little bit of knowledge about the way the exam is supposed to be proctored and the sections that you will be required to take. It will also allow you to see how you currently would fare on that specific test so you can figure out which sections you should focus on studying in order to get a better score.

#4 Browse scholarships

Certain scholarships require you to have a minimum score according to the test you take, as each test is scored differently. The larger the scholarship, the more likely it is that the required test score will be higher as well. Simply put, the more successful they think you will do in college, the more money they will be willing to give you.

#5 Plan ahead

While you may want to put off taking your tests until you feel adequately prepared, don’t. You can take a majority of these tests more than once. It may be of use to take them multiple times so you can see what they are more likely to test on this year. Hopefully you will also see yourself improving with each time. By planning ahead you don’t have to worry about getting the best test score in one shot before submitting your college applications.

#6 Don’t sweat it

Tests can be scary and the thought of not getting a scholarship because of them can be even more frightening. Don’t worry though. Let yourself relax a bit and just study as much as you can to prepare. Worrying generally won’t make you do any better. It may even make you do worse. College is definitely important but don’t stress yourself out about it. Success comes in many different forms from many different places.
Are you ready to take your exams now? Hopefully these steps will help you land the scholarship you need to go where you want.

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