1.Timing Possibly the most important difference between the two tests is timing. In short, you get less time per question on the ACT. Check this out: As you can see, you get much less time to complete any one question on the ACT. One of the most important examples is on the Reading tests. On the SAT you get 13 minutes per passage, on the ACT you get 8 minutes 45 seconds per passage. That
Every time we think of the word exam the next word that comes to mind is the word ‘stress.’ We have all been there. Everyone knows that the days of exam preparations are full of anxiety. In fact, exams bring along a package of the biggest stressors of student life. And, as a parent, it is your responsibility to make sure your kid doesn’t succumb to that stress. Here’s how you can do your job
Are you thinking about college, wondering how to choose the one that’s best for you? Or maybe your parents are pushing you to schedule some college tours to get you acclimated to the atmosphere. Either way, knowing how to make the most of each tour is an essential part of choosing the college that is right for you. It will make starting out the next four years of your life on the right foot easier.
Have you taken your ACT or SAT yet? Have your guidance counselors been pestering you about the importance of those scores? Well, they’re right. Your scores can land you some sweet scholarships based if you are ready to put in some coffee-fueled, sugar-crammed, study hours.With these tips, you may just be able to test your way to some large-summed scholarships. #1 Study This is generally a given for any type of test. To do well
We all wish to get college level education from one of the best institutes to propel our career to greater horizons. For that, we don’t hesitate to strive hard and leave no stone unturned to get enrolled. On this journey called education, we come across many obstacles, and we try our best to overcome them. But once in a while, we come across a gap that makes us feel our dreams taking a nosedive right