Nick LaPoma Esq

jericho SAT Tutor

Nick LaPoma founded Curvebreakers on a simple principle: Every student is unique and deserves individualized tutoring to suit his or her needs. After graduating from one of New York’s top Law Schools, he began a career in litigation. Although he is a licensed attorney, his true passion is tutoring. Nick began his tutoring career working for one of the large test prep companies, where he picked up on the many shortfalls of their canned material and rigid class structures. Nick further honed his craft working for smaller elite test prep boutiques in New York City, where he worked with a wide variety of students on customized tutoring plans to achieve extreme results. Nick founded Curvebreakers to provide students with the best instruction as well as tutoring plans that are customized to each individual. Nicholas personally received 99th percentile score on the SAT.