Curvebreakers’ Student of the Month series features students who go above and beyond to achieve outstanding results. They take full advantage of everything Curvebreakers has to offer by improving their scores, being accepted to top schools, or receiving exceptional scholarships. We recognize them to inspire all Curvebreakers students to reach for their dreams! Our Student of the Month for March 2018 is Chloe R., who received a perfect score on the ACT. Wow! Chloe is truly a shining example of how much hard work can pay off.

CURVEBREAKERS TEST PREP: What were your thoughts on the ACT before you took it the first time?

Chloe is a Junior at Garden City High School

CHLOE: I was a little nervous and unsure of what the ACT was. I had previously thought I’d only take the SAT. However, I’d heard people say they prefer the ACT so I decided to take a practice one.

CTP: What was your score the first time you took the ACT?
C: 34.

CTP: When you signed up for tutoring, what did you think the sessions were going to be like?
C: I figured they’d be boring but helpful.

CTP: How did you like your tutor?
C: My tutor was Brittany, and I loved her. She made math (which is not my favorite subject) as interesting as it could be. The tutoring sessions didn’t feel like work, they felt like learning in a fun way. She was also very positive and encouraging.

CTP: How did you prepare for the official ACT?
C: I prepared for the test by taking a bunch of practice ACTs at home, and then
reviewing them with my tutor.

CTP: How did your feelings change from when you took your actual ACT compared to when you first started?
C: I was a bit more confident walking into the test, knowing that I had studied hard. I had learned where my weaknesses were and Brittany taught me techniques to combat them.

CTP: What was the best thing you did to prepare for the exam? What was most effective for you and what would you recommend to your fellow students if you could give them one piece of advice?
C: The best thing I did to prepare for the exam was getting a tutor. For me it was good to have someone who is a professional, and who could teach me the nuances of the material. I would recommend that everyone work with someone besides themselves, like a tutor, older sibling, or parent, who can explain the different tricks of the trade and shortcuts to help save time and effort.

CTP: What was your final score on the ACT?
C: 36.

CTP: What was the best part about tutoring with Curvebreakers?
C: Walking into Curvebreakers, everyone remembers who you are. It wasn’t like walking into an office. Everyone there knows one another, and they’re all friends. It was nice to have that supportive atmosphere when studying.

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