SAT Test Prep

What makes for good test preparation? Individualization. Our program is based around you, the student. We never use cookie cutter plans to instruct our students, and treat everyone like family.

Our program was developed by our owner, Nicholas LaPoma, who has spent over a decade fine tuning his test preparation strategies and program and has guided numerous students to vast scoring improvements, 99th percentile scores, and admission to dream colleges and Ivy League schools. This is the process:

  1. Diagnostic testing to analyze your strengths and areas for improvement. We first use diagnostic exams to establish your skillset. We have students take a diagnostic exam (or two) to establish scores and skills. Our reports are industry leading and the most detailed you can find.

  2. Then, Nick will sit down with the family and explain the diagnostic exam results and how to proceed, free of charge. We also advise students on the differences between the test and help the family make a study plan, not only for tutoring, but also for when to take practice tests, when to take the real exam, and what to do in the future. This level of advice can only come from a true expert in test prep and the college admissions process. You will not find this level of individualization elsewhere.

  3. Students then start tutoring learning our exciting test prep strategies. Our tutors go through a rigorous vetting and training process, and each one is privately instructed by Nick himself.

  4. Students will also learn content (grammar rules, math formulas, etc.) and practice and develop time management skills. Homework will be assigned appropriately based on the student schedule and program intensity.

  5. Students will have the availability of practice testing every few weeks during their study program, so they can establish new scores and get updated diagnostic reports. The tutoring will then be adjusted to fill whatever gaps are still present. We will repeat this process until the student achieves the score they are looking for.

  6. Benefits Of Tutoring With Curvebreakers

    1. A personalized approach: Our program is based around YOU. We never use cookie cutter plans to instruct our students, and treat everyone like family.

    2. 99th percentile scoring tutors: Every one of our tutors is thoroughly trained in our methodologies. Our exciting tutors make SAT preparation fun and welcoming. Tutors are background checked for your safety.

    3. Ongoing communication with parents: We want to keep our parents in the loop and make sure you know about your child’s success or areas that may need focus. We will communicate with you in person, over the phone, or through email. In addition, we send weekly reports giving you a more in depth analysis of your child’s progress.

    4. Unlimited free practice exams: We offer practice exams almost every weekend in our offices in Garden City and Great Neck. Our full length exams mirror the official testing environment so that students receive the maximum amount of practice possible. After the exam, each student will receive our detailed score report with the most in-depth analysis around.

    5. Free Crash Courses: Crash Courses are a 2 1/2 hour session that takes place the week before an official SAT or ACT Exam. It is the most efficient way to learn all the best test prep strategies and review practice exam questions to help you ace your next test.

    6. Discounted classes

    7. Pricing*

      Packages Starting At
      1-Hour $175/hr
      10-Hours $150/hr
      20-Hours $145/hr
      30-Hours $140/hr

      *Hourly rates are dependent on the tutors availability and experience