SAT Classes

Curvebreakers offers multi-week classes as well as shorter review courses like Crash Courses and Bootcamps. Below are the upcoming SAT events that are currently scheduled. Some events are virtual and some are in-person at the Curvebreakers office in Garden City.

New for 2023: Full-length, diagnostic practice tests are now built into our SAT class schedules.

How it works: For classes that take place on Sundays, two Saturdays have been selected - one at the beginning of the course and another toward the end - for students to take full-length, diagnostic practice tests. If you cannot make one or both of these Saturday practice tests, you may reschedule with the office by calling (516) 728-1561.

For classes that take place on weekdays, practice tests have been incorporated into the regular class schedule.

All classes offer a minimum of 20 hours of instructional time, plus two practice tests. The first and seventh sessions will be dedicated for taking practice tests.

Look below to view a side-by-side comparison of our SAT classes to choose the one that best fits your needs.

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Multi-Week SAT Classes

Required Course Book for Multi-Week Classes and Bootcamps

A New Approach to Deconstruct & Destroy the SAT: Conquer the SAT with Curvebreakers

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SAT Crash Courses