SAT and ACT 1-Week Summer Courses

All Courses: M-F, 10-2:30 pm

Summer is the perfect time to prep! Our one-week courses provide everything your student needs to walk into the SAT or ACT with confidence. We teach students how to not only take the standardized test but truly understand tests down to the finest of details. Students learn how to break down questions from front to back and back to front, resulting in mastery level understanding. Standardized test prep doesn’t have to be boring! We engage student’s minds and enable them to understand questions on their own - the key to success on standardized tests. By creating a fun learning environment with interactive digital quizzes and friendly competition, the students will be able to actively engage with one another while keeping their mind sharp during the summer!

A Summer Course Includes:

  • 5 days of SAT/ACT instruction
  • 4 hours of test prep per day with a half hour lunch break
  • A 99th-percentile scoring Curvebreakers tutor
  • Jeopardy, trivia and chances to win fun prizes!
  • Interactive digital quizzes and trivia style learning
  • 2 free diagnostic tests included (scheduled at your convenience) 
  • And are perfect for students at any stage of the test prep process (9th-12th Grade)

Have questions? Call us at (516) 728-1561 or email us at

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