Regents Review Classes

The NYS Regents Exams are standardized tests that focus on a core subject, and just like any other standardized test –
you’re going to want to be prepared when it comes time to take the exam.

In today’s day and age, some students have not sat for a standardized test in the past 2 years. In some instances, students have NEVER sat for a test.

Curvebreakers offers a variety of ways for students to prepare for their upcoming Regents exams, including practice tests, group classes, and one-to-one tutoring.


Regents Review Classes

Make sure you’re ready for test day by joining the test experts at Curvebreakers for a Regents Review class.

Go beyond what’s taught in the classroom to understand the major topics covered on each exam, learn the most effective test-taking strategies, and gain the knowledge needed to increase your score.

Each class is a one-off session that runs for a total of 5.5-hours with breaks.


Regents Practice Exams

Practice makes perfect, which is why Curvebreakers allows any student to take two FREE practice exams. We host proctored practice exams every Saturday and Sunday, both in-person and virtually.

Our in-person practice exams occur at Curvebreakers in Garden City, located at 320 Old Country Road in Suite 102. Register in advance to secure a spot in our classroom.

Virtual practice exams occur over Zoom for anyone who prefers this option. Students are provided with a Zoom Meeting Link and instructions to prepare their testing materials and submit their answer sheets for grading.

Register Online

Regents Private Tutoring

Students should begin the process by taking a practice exam to determine a baseline for their prep. After that, schedule a FREE consultation to develop a plan to achieve your goals with the owner of Curvebreakers, Nicholas LaPoma.

Schedule Your FREE Consultation

Private tutoring is available by-the-hour as well as in 5-, 10-, and 20-hour packages.

The by-the-hour (1-Hour) option allows students to purchase hours as they need them to prepare for their next exam and offers families four different levels of pricing. From a Club to a Pro Tutor, students will receive individualized instruction from their tutor who will focus on the areas they need to improve on the most.

5-hour packages are a special package option created just for Regents exam preparation. Save on the by-the-hour rate for a Club, Associate, or Pro Tutor by purchasing the hours together.

To get started, select a package online, and we'll reach out to you for more information.

About Our Tutors
Tutors must be able to achieve 99th-percentile scores on the exams but also be able to effectively communicate and engage students.

Please note: All tutors have passed a background check for your student's safety.