How it Works

So how does Curvebreakers work?

We have developed a sure-fire methodology for raising students scores. Not only do we raise scores, but we make all-around better students out of our clients. Better thinkers, better analyzers, better test-takers. And on top if it, we help you increase your score by leaps and bounds above what you get from test prep mills and cookie cutter plans. Here is the process:

1. Diagnostic Test

At curvebreakers, we give the most detailed diagnostic exams around. We administer your student a full, timed, SAT/ACT exam. We break the results down to make sure your student knows exactly where he or she needs to focus. This makes our tutoring extremely effective, as well as efficient.

2. Consultation / Formulate Plan based on Data and YOU

Owner of Curvebreakers, Nick LaPoma will meet with your family either in person at our offices or via phone or video conference to discuss and formulate a plan for success. With over a decade of experience and close to one thousand students advised, Nick has seen it all. Nick and Curvebreakers will advise you as to whether the SAT or ACT would be better based on the detailed diagnostic Data that reveals exactly what you need to work on. Without this level of specificity you are wasting time and money (and hurting your score in the process)

3. Learn strategies, tips, tricks, and content

Curvebreakers will teach you industry leading test prep strategies that will change the way you think – making you into a “natural born test taker” even if you struggle. We have spent years developing strategies that work. Not only do our strategies work, but they are adaptable. We vehemently oppose cookie cutter plans for our students – each student gets a bespoke set of instructions that will enable him or her to succeed on the test. Since everyone learns and thinks differently, a one-size-fits-all approach to test prep simply does not work.

Also, we know the tests inside and out, so we teach you how to beat them, not how to take them.

4. Take timed practice exams

Curvebreakers provides weekly timed practice exams to students with no limit. We help students plan out a testing schedule that will have them feeling prepared before the real exam. Continued diagnostic analysis helps us keep the tutoring relevant and effective even at the end of the process. We are always helping you improve.

5. Get the score of your dreams

Want to get that dream score? You can do it with Curvebreakers. We firmly believe all students can succeed with our program.