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Free Resources for Students & Parents

In order to help parents and students succeed this school year, this page will be continually updated with new resources for both standardized tests and subject help. Bookmark this page to continue checking for updates.

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Free Books and Materials

Curvebreakers's SAT and ACT Strategy Books are available right now on Amazon Kindle Unlimited for Free! For families who don't have this service, the Kindle version is still only $1.99 and the paperback is only $9.99.

Most would agree that the SAT and ACT are difficult. However, it is extremely approachable and beatable — with the correct strategy and approach. Many tutors and test prep companies talk about secrets, tricks, strategies, and the like. Most of this talk is industry jargon rather than actionable improvement techniques. We have taken these concepts one step further by analyzing student performance with thousands of data points to compile not only the best possible strategies but the best possible prep plan based on data and real student results.

This course on Thinkific is set up as a repository for all the best resources made available to you for creating a free account with us on Thinkific. You are free to explore this library, access its resources and download them where we've enabled you to.

Sample list of free resources:

  • Learn the differences between the SAT & ACT.
  • Timeline for highschoolers to prepare them for the PSAT through the SAT/ACT.
  • Best calculators for these exams.
  • 6 steps to help new students through the exam process.
  • Instructional math material.

AP Study Guides / Exam Supplements

Get ready for the new school year with these free AP Guides from Nick The Tutor on Thinkific

Crimson Education presents, "What Makes a Student Successful"

In this video, Raj Mundra, the venerated Dean of Studies at Phillips Academy from the top high school in the United States discusses what success really is and how students can design their high school experience. This webinar is a moving and informative way for your student to kick start their school year. Learn more about Crimson Education here.

Updates from the CollegeBoard & ACT

CollegeBoard Updates:


Did you know? All students are welcome to take 2 Free Practice Exams!

And it doesn't matter where you're located because the practice exams are proctored online every weekend. Practice SAT exams are offered on Saturdays at 12pm EST and Practice ACT exams are offered on Sundays at 12pm EST. To sign up for an exam, visit our website to select a date, and then choose the option "I am new to Curvebreakers and would like to take my free test".

Other Practice Exam Options

Do you have your own copy of an exam and want to time yourself? You can with Curvebreakers full-length YouTube videos where a proctor guides you through an entire SAT or ACT exam. Or, you may use our online timer. Section times are listed beneath the videos

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