Demonstrated Interest & Applying for Colleges

How interested are you in attending each school you’ve applied for? Colleges are paying attention.

Demonstrated interest relates to the idea that students need to show a school that if selected for admission, they will attend. Each College has a Yield Rate – the percentage of students that attend after acceptance. It is one of the top factors considered in US News and World Report when ranking colleges & universities. Because of this important metric, schools want to be as certain as possible that the students accepted will attend.

In the article by U.S. News, 6 Tips From College Admissions Pros on Standing Out, Margaret Loftus discusses the importance of demonstrated interest as one of the six tips. According to the article, “70 percent of colleges say demonstrated interest plays at least some role in their admissions decisions” and “making a trip to campus isn’t the only way to let your interest be known, especially in the digital age.”

Here are a few ways to demonstrate interest to a school you’re applying to:

  • Visiting campus
  • Speaking with representatives from the school at a local college fair
  • Meeting with an admissions associate
  • Calling for information
  • Following up with admissions
  • Opening & reading emails from the school
  • Visiting web pages
  • Following or liking the school’s presence on social media

By demonstrating your interest in a school, you will prove to be a better candidate. Don’t miss out on the intricate details of demonstrating interest in the digital age.