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The best college essays leave their readers with a compelling understanding of the young adult who crafted the work. After reading a great college essay, Admissions officers are able to clearly identify the qualities and strengths of a candidate, viewing that student as a desirable addition to the school. For the student, it can be a difficult process to create a piece of writing that generates this positive reaction. We strive to help students write something that represents their core values and makes them proud of their work.

Curvebreakers helps young writers present their truest selves throughout this essay process from start to finish. By drawing out strong ideas in the early creation phase, then developing a unique writing style with personality, Curvebreakers helps the student achieve the height of his or her ability. Students will finish this program confident in the work they submit to universities, and feel capable of confronting the challenges of college.

Curvebreakers specializes in developing the writing of high school students in all contexts- from drafting thesis arguments for a final paper to enriching personal writing efficacy for nightly homework assignments. Our supportive tutors will help students become assertive, concise writers through personally tailored exercises crafted to overcome any difficulty.

Curvebreakers offers a full suite of one-on-one writing services:

  • – Essay / Assignment brainstorming: Identify central arguments through conversation with a tutor.
  • – Essay thesis construction and organization: We assist students in finding convincing evidence through research and sourcing.
  • – Comprehensive editing of written work: We help students resolve errors, teach students tools to avoid them in the future.
  • – Confidence-building exercises: Encouraging, productive writing sessions to focus on students largest struggles.
  • – Writing Mechanics enhancement: Evaluate how and why students write they way they do, and adjust habits as necessary.
  • – Stylistic tutorials: Focus on correct vocabulary usage, sentence structure, and flow to produce a cohesive piece of writing.
  • – Craft Essays for College: We assist students with the fine art of crafting an essay for the college admissions process.

Email: or Call (516) 728-1561 for more information or to sign up immediately. As always, spots are limited.