ACT Exam Dates

About The ACT Exam Test & 2018-2019 Test Dates

The ACT is the leading US college admissions test that measures what you learn in high school to determine your academic readiness for college. The ACT contains multiple-choice tests in four areas: English, math, reading and science. ACT’s writing test is optional and will not affect your composite score.

TIP: Take as many practice tests as possible as well as a few official ACT Exams.

ACT Exam Dates

Test DatesRegistration Dates
July 14, 2018June 15, 2018
September 8, 2018August 10, 2018
October 27, 2018September 28, 2018
December 8, 2018November 2, 2018
February 9, 2019January 11, 2019
April 13, 2019March 8, 2019
June 8, 2019May 3, 2019
July 13, 2019June 14, 2019

*No test centers are scheduled in New York for the July test date.

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