WEBINAR: March 18, 2021 at 8:00 PM EST

Differences Explained

Each student has a natural set of skills that is unique to the individual. Because of human nature, many students excel on one of the two tests. In this webinar Nick will explain how to make that determination and provide information on the differences between the tests.

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Nicholas LaPoma

Owner & President

Nicholas LaPoma, also known as Nick The Tutor on TikTok and across various social media platforms, is the owner and founder of Curvebreakers. After graduating from one of New York's top Law Schools and beginning a career in litigation, he discovered his true passion in tutoring.

Nick began his tutoring career working for one of the large test prep companies, where he picked up on the many shortfalls of their canned material and rigid class structures.

When Nicholas began Curvebreakers, he rolled out a different approach, creating an adaptable methodology for each student.