Words in Context Questions

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May 15
With the latest incarnation of the SAT, test-takers everywhere are hoping to score as close to a “perfect 1600” as possible. Besides the elusive 1600 point composite score, however, the new SAT also includes several additional numerical indicators, designed to help students and educators evaluate how college-ready the student is on a number of fronts. Buried in this list of numbers is a subscore specifically for “Words in Context.” In this blog post, we’ll look

How to Become a Better Reader for the SAT

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Apr 28
Avid readers generally only need minor touching-up when it comes to taking the verbal portion of the SAT. You can’t really fake an interest in reading, nor should you try. But you can break down the aspects of reading comprehension and try to practice them individually. This is the one that gets just about everybody. The people with the largest vocabularies breeze past questions that others have to rely on a combination of logic and